Welcome to my blog! My name is Josh Levinson, and I live in Vacouver, British Columbia. I grew up in Montreal, Quebec, but moved out to BC about 7 years ago for school. I’m a scientist by training, a technology transfer consultant by trade, and an amateur/enthusiast photographer in my spare time.

Because of all these different facets of my life, I have a wide variety of interests, ranging anywhere from biotechnology to astronomy and physics, to the latest gadgets, to photography gear and techniques. Adding to the geekiness, I’m also a pretty big fan of TV and movies. As such, my blog posts will generally be about a wide array of what I find to be interesting topics.

I’m very much a newcomer to the world of blogging (and a very late newcomer at that!), but I hope people reading my blog will bear with me as I muddle along and learn as I go. I welcome active commentary (of all sorts) on my posts and pictures, and look forward to having a lot of fun sharing my thoughts and interests with everyone. Thanks for taking a look at my blog, and hopefully I’ll see ya around.

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